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4 Units Building A&D

Project Name: 4 Unit Building A & D
Project Location: 

Bids Due: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 @ 2pm

Pillar Construction Group is bidding on these 4 units in Eau Claire. Qty 1 Building A and Qty 2 Building D.  Please review the scope of work below and price your division accordingly.  If something is missing, please contract Christian Peterson or add it to your notes and bid.

Earthwork Contractors:  There was an adjustment to the buildings that will be going on this site.  The civil plan building letters are being adjusted. 
Lot 1 = Building A
Lot 2 & 3 = Building D
Lot 4 = No building or access needed

Thank you,

Christian Peterson
Cell:  715-533-8766



Division 02 Sitework
Erosion controls
Site grub and clear
Track pad
Scrape & pile top soil
All Utilities
Prepare Site for New Building
Dig for Footings & Foundations
Import crushed rock for under slab
Backfill to rough grade
Finish grade work and spread top soil
Landscaping Allowance (hyrdoseed and city required landscaping)
Driveway work including strip soil, build out, add base course, and grade
Asphalt Driveway and parking lot

Division 03 Concrete
Footings & Frost walls
Slab and interior footings
Control Joints
2" Frost Foam
Apron (3' out from garage)

Division 04 Masonry
Stone Veneer w/ drainage-mat per elevations

Division 05 Metals

Division 06 Rough & Finish Carpentry
Rough Carpentry Material
Rough Carpentry Labor

Finish Carpentry Material
Finish Carpentry Labor

Doors: Poplar flat Pre-finished panel hollow core door with basic hardware
Trim: Poplar Pre-finished ranch 2 1/4" casing & 3 1/4" base
Cabinets: Merillant basic cabinet package per layout (or equivalent)
Stairparts: Poplar Pre-Finished

Division 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection
R-21 Fiberglass Wall Insulation w/ 4 Mil Poly
R-50 Blown Fiberglass Roof Insulation
Exterior Weather Barriers
6 Mil Poly Under-slab Vapor Barrier
Closed Cell Foam at Boxsills
Fiberglass Batts w/ Vents at Eaves
Foam & Caulking Exterior Penetrations
2" Rigid Foam for Frost Protection (by concrete contractor)

Division 08 Openings
Vinyl Windows and drywall window wraps
(4) 3'x7' Front entry doors per plan
(4) 3'x7' H/G doors per plan

Division 09 Finishes
Drywall, Tape, Texture, and Paint
Resilient Flooring @ Kitchen, bathroom, entry
Carpet Flooring @ Living, hallway, and bedrooms

Division 10 Specialties
Toilet Room Accessories

Division 13 Special Construction

Division 14 Conveying Equipment

Division 15A Plumbing
Design/Build Plumbing Requirements
Excavating and Backfill for plumbing items
Mechanical Identification
Insulation for plumbing pipes as needed
Sewer, Drain, Waste and Vent Piping
Water Supply System
Plumbing Specialties
Plumbing Fixtures
Plumbing Equipment
Gas Piping and Accessories

Division 15B HVAC
Design/Build Mechanical Requirements
Motors and Electrical Work
Insulation for ducts as required
A/C Refrigerant Piping and Specialties
Air Conditional Units
Ductwork Accessories
Air Outlets and Inlets
Temperature Controls
Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Division 16 Electrical
Design/Build Electrical System
Grounding for Electrical System
Identification for Electrical Systems
Conductors and Cables
Boxes for Electrical Systems
Wiring Devices
Enclosed Switches and Circuit Breakers
Switchboards and Panelboards
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Smoke/CO Detectors
Communication and Data wire and termination

Division 21 Fire Suppression
Design/Build Fire Protection System